We are a Sovereign Grace Church and we hold to the belief that man is fallen, with an inherent sin nature. He cannot and will not free himself from the sin that binds him. That because of the sin nature, man loves his sin and freely chooses to reject the light of the Gospel.
We believe that God must lift man from his sin through the substitutionary, atoning blood and work of Jesus Christ. This process is an act of divine grace and that man contributes nothing to this saving grace of God.
We believe that the death of Christ satisfied the righteous needs of God the Father and all for who Christ died will be saved. We believe that the message of salvation goes out to all men and all men are responsible to respond to the light God has given to all men. God alone can and will judge.
We believe that all for whom Christ died will come to Him for salvation and those who come are eternally secure in Christ.
We believe that the return of Christ for his church is near and time is short. We hold to the teaching of a literal seven year tribulation period that the church will not experience.
This is a brief overview of our understanding of Scripture and we strive to live according to what it teaches. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.